Wearing the skin of another

There is a basic wrongness
About wearing
Another creatures skin
The unjustifiability
It truly is a sin
Below the belt
In everything we do
Transgress infringe and trespass
All these things are true

Wearing another creatures skin
To be that envious we
Heads I win tails you lose
It’s criminality
It’s unwarranted and unsanctioned
Full on impiety
The affront and humiliation
For a Racoon dog we choose
Grab it by the neck
You don’t need any clues

It’s murder really murder
The most foul you will ever see
A blood bath for the animals
Who dies in agony
So you can wear a coyote cuff
Or collar around your scrag
It won’t even keep you warm
It’s decoration a rag
To give the manufacturer and edge
To charge some more
And so lie on the labels stating faux
You must ignore

The liars out there, many are instructed
Back here
We cannot imagine a real live soul would be cheaper
Than faux you hear
They get you really every way
The animals had no cost
Stolen or just captured
And in a great pile tossed

Hung up on a rusty nail
And butchered on the spot
These people are not human
Their hearts began to rot
The moment they were granted breath
They are monsters in disguise
They look like fucking humans
But it is my big surprise

I have seen them in the market place
Their irreverence is there
A fag lit and a knife blunt
No expression anywhere
Insulting and outrageous
Unflatteringly so
Ignoble and so devious
Swindlers you know

Rabbits cats and dogs and foxes
The treatment they all get
Their skins torn off imagine the agony
It’s set
Beyond the vilest wicked
Degenerates they be
Each soul a beautiful animal
Created miraculously

And The obscenity of buyers
Such culpability
Approach them in the street
And say
You really are guilty
Those cuffs and collars
Come from the Racoon dog
Whose cries
whose blood
Is dripping everywhere
Even from its eyes

And there is no reparation
NO penance you can pay
Whether it’s from some departmental store
Or a market stall
The way
it has been murdered
Cured and put on sale
Brings karma to the wearer
And the promise is the fail

Is coming you will suffer
For the murderous intent
Fur is wearing someone else’s skin
that’s not well meant
Those impure thoughts
That you can borrow
Their dead skin
And you
Will get to look a million dollars
No it’s going to screw

Down on you forever
It’s blatant and you should
Realise your ignorance
Isn’t good
The gods are coming after you
It’s sodomy and more
On innocent sweet angels
Their bodies turned to gore

You are judged each time we see you
The stench of death all smell
You should be wearing a black cap
For your heart it came from Hell
Your punishment is building
Your penalty will be
Something unbelievable
In the next life wait and see

You could be a Racoon dog
Imagine that a while
Reborn captured on a nail
For someone to defile
Your very being
Murder for you is coming slow
As your skin is pulled tight over your head
Then YES you will know

Good old Harvey Somebody
Knightsbridge all the way
Fancy bags and yea posh hags
Shopping come what may
Powers of darkness everywhere
Malevolent intent
Wearing someone else’s skin
Proves you are all but spent

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