Turkeys and Yule

2020 apparently sees Turkey
Into stress
In Lubartowski Eastern Poland
There is something of a mess
Three farms at least are suffering
Some 40,000 birds
All who escaped Christmas
Won’t like to hear these words
H5N8 Avian Flu
That hits the parsons nose
That spruces up the feathers
In Poland I suppose
A bird flu scare in the EU
A serious pathogen
Getting stronger so we hear
Could hit mice and men
With nasty flu like symptoms
Played down apparently
But it has gone wrong in China
Before so seemingly
3 farms are affected
And around the farms we see
Cordons and some police cars
So it’s taken seriously
Out there two hours from Warsaw
And all the birds to be
Slaughtered if they get the nod
So now let’s wait and see.

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