“BAOYU” one special delicacy
Growing in the sea
In the Keurbooms Nature Reserve
Out there wild and free
Rangers on the look out
Caught poachers with a hoard
142 kilos their abalone reward
They were from the Western Cape
From Gansbaai seemingly
Out to Earn a Princely sum
With their criminality
This a natural wonderland
Where pristine beds of gold
Harbour the precious Abalone
That hopefully are sold
To the highest bidder
These Gastropods that lie
Cultivated sea ears
Mother of Pearl it’s why
Third eye chakra and
Heart chakra
Magical properties reign
Culinary desires apparent
Clearly much to gain

For a true Kings ransom
A bounteous reserve
Pillagers of nature
With all the spunk and nerve
Larcenists out snatching
Plundering a way
Damaging the biosphere
On any given day

They lack all understanding
And true integrity
Opportunistic rebels
Who now shamefully
Cause massive disruption
Unscrupulously they
Unsportingly and ingloriously
Cause destruction of the bay

Prison is now needed
Detention for a time
Get them on hard labour
Make the buggers climb
A hill or two with rocks
Make them feel the sun
Somehow to get through to them
The awful things they have done

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