Pachyderms lament

We are really up against it
Walking as we do
Where accidents with trains
Are constant and a clue
The virtue of our being
In places where we must
Cross railways in our passage
Just victims in the dust
The thrust of speed and ignorance
Doth settle in our soul
Our suffering is tantamount
To losing all control
Against such heavy metal
Of course a damaging trait
Really becomes injurious
When neither of us wait
Suffering is greater
The shock value of the dark
Unwittingly egregiously
Altogether stark

It’s frighteningly simple
How wayward we become
Our historic water trails
The constant thumping drum
Of Our heart beat in the making
Should survivors on a path
Imprinted in our memory
And shaken by the wrath
Of a tumultuous collision
As an engines clattering force
Propels a silent sentinel
Back into its source
Bloodied up and weary
In a shocking turn of thought
Where mobility lies broken
Where care itself was sought

Us pachyderms are suffering
Some injured badly we
Feel the torment of the night
As many fail to see
The lumbering grey shadows
That fetch the gloom and stay.
Broken and forgotten
At the back end of the day.

Battered and left bleeding
Unable to regain
A sensible intrusion
And the ensuing pain
Busted legs and torn up skin
A devilish idea
We have lost our rights of freedom
Whilst along comes yet more fear

Due care and attention
We feel is needed here
Respect enjoys it’s sequence
That much we know is clear
It can take years of hard graft
And sensible debate
To work out paths and safety first
That no one dare berate
Lying injured bleeding
Nobody around
Smarting from the torn skin
In shock and awe we are drowned
Waiting for the end to come
The phantom our demise
Cut short by the railway man
Who sadly closed his eyes

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