Massa and his lady friend

Zoo’s continue high and mighty
Places where we are told
Endangered species breeding programmes
That is how they are sold
This particular zoo In Germany
With all these precious souls
Captive locked in cages
But just run by arse oles

Bonfire night rockets fireworks
Human beings who
Think it’s great to set off bangers
Just next to a zoo
They call themselves the sensitive ones
But sadly for us all
They are callous beings
Everyone a fool
Where this zoo was situated
With no guards in situ
No fire alarms just nothing
And it happened to be our zoo
Into making profit
But Proudly telling all
that they were doing gods work
And of course, who was the fool
Who locked the zoo and left us
To the vagaries of man
Lighting up sky lanterns
That Germany did ban

And nobody to check the cages
Nobody to see
The panic and the awful fear
The keepers tragically
Left the place in darkness
Imagine this will you
A silver back with his lady
Really clueless to
The danger sitting chatting
And suddenly we see
Flames really all over
No case for sympathy
All of us captured prisoners
Locked up waiting they
All burned to a cinder
The innocent always pay

Before it was with gratefulness
That sense of obligation
Thank you thank you thank you
Under observation
Locked up in our little cage
And left alone at night
With rockets flying everywhere
Of course it wasn’t right

Stolen from the Congo
The Western Lowlands we
Loved where creation put us
Gentle living free
That was until the zoo
Of course wanted us to be
Part of its breeding programme
Our Ill found destiny
And well I have to tell you
On that fated night
Everywhere was black as soot
And then yea so much light
Smoke we smelled the burning
Flames we watched them rise
Screaming it was awful
It is when someone dies

We sat there really shivering
Shaking with the fear
The flames were getting closer
Very very near
We tried so hard to get away
But the bars were just so tight
And so we cuddled together
And perished on that night

Every single animal
Lost their life so sad
Watching as the flames lick
Ever closer
Makes you mad
We cuddled up together
In our last embrace
She was really beautiful
And died in utter grace

She just passed on so peacefully
Holding onto me
Zoo’s are not fit for purpose
Prisons actually
To be treated with irreverence
They neglect us Yes it’s true
And If we hadn’t been together
Just what would we do

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