In pursuit of sanity
Abandoning the need
To ever feel let down or sad
For though my heart does bleed
My soul mate she is with me
Although she chose to go
She is with me every moment that I breathe
That much I know

I stay in touch
although she never ever replies to me

It matters not
For I am, in my own eternity
One day I may not wake up
And be gone for evermore
But before that time
I hold her close for her knowledge
I adore

I truthfully do miss her
Her warm breath and her soul
Her raven locks her fancy socks
I am spellbound for my role
Is truly just to contemplate
Her magick and her way
My oxygen my water source
It’s what gets me through
Each day

I dare not say it’s easy
For there are days when I feel
Very alone and very sad
Then again for real
I have her fixed inside of me
And I just recall the times
When I wrote a book of poems for her
Yes all of those times

Are with me they can never leave me
Intermittently 9 months have passed
How many babies born since seemingly
Enjoying new life certainly millions
Of little stars
And I must stay alone forever
With of course the scars
I brought upon myself I know
But I never can forget
How much I care for her flaxen hair
And the fact that she ever let

Me be her friend
In the first place

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