Think again huntress!!!

Scotland’s wildness captivates
Constant in its rectitude
sky scapes unbelievable
A living growing interlude
Realness actuality
Absolute and sure
Towering mountains
Sparkling streams
And forestry galore
What is the beating artery
Life in all its forms
Tangible and considerable
The earnest heart it warms
The wholeness and the fullness
The true integrity
Untouched unspoiled and virgin
In a land of symphony

Highlands moorlands slopes up onto
rising ground
So much organic matter
And energy is found
Life in all its many forms
Frequent and thus create
A living breathing purpose
And entirely balanced state
To imagine this profusion
Each vital spark of light
In what is animated heaven
Survivable and tight
A miracle of biospheres
A land of colours where
Everything is balanced
And easier to share

Peacefulness apparent
A lushness and a bloom
Heathers grasses under storeys
So much to consume
The wilderness and expectation
Really everywhere
And the solemn silence
That all wanderers May share
And then the human element
Assassins cometh to
Stalk and frighten wild life
Feeding in full view
They bring their stench of arrogance
Their fetid leather smell
Their guns their ammunition
Their little piece of HELL

They have to bring it into
A haven of sweet peace
Where animals are wild and live
In their godly release
Feeling so untroubled
By their environment where they
Feed and have fed millennia
In the pure light of each day
Women, women hunters
Bold as brass they be
Often clad from head to tail
In camouflage they see
Animals skins it’s all about
The rugged animation
Killers of the wild tribes
That’s their new salvation

Going on hunting holidays
A safari to where you
Can ambush a hungry stag perhaps
And do what you must do
Blood your face with it’s sticky blood
If it’s the first time you
Have pulled the trigger not realising
The sinfulness it’s true
Killing for the sake of it
For the rush some people feel
The rush of blood within their veins
The animal for real
Also feels the terrible rush
As their life force drains away
And it’s all down to the monster
The hunters who today

Really have the where for all
And all the fancy gear
She has her fancy rifle
And her growing cheer
Watching handsome animals
Full of life and care
shot out of existence
And lying crumpled where
They will lay forever
Never to breathe a sigh
Never to see the mountains
Or breathe the air on high
Never again to make their mark
Or love their lady fair
And all because some
Selfish women hunter’s premiere
Expression was to slaughter
At least two wondrous stags
To bag them for her ego
Truly they are hags
Inconsiderate selfishness
Irrational they be
They argue in a circle
An beg the question constantly

Exacting joy from another’s sadness
Mental torment from a death
Animals they suffer
More so when the breath
Of one is gone forever
That finality
Causes grief and sadness
And anxiety
The hunter she is above all that
That’s a weakness she’s been told
To share the desolation
Of someone you were sold
On and loved completely
To know they are lying dead
This morning you were with them
But now they are filled with lead

Behold the huntress women
Who wants to get you all
To follow in her footsteps
To hear her bloody call
To arms to go out into the countryside
Of peace
Where heaven is around every bend
But where you can release
All your pent up anger
Where you can stalk and kill
Pull the trigger on some rifle
And get your fucking thrill
But it’s over in a minute
The victims motionless
A life that meant so very much
Where No body cares a less

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