It’s all about light
And the concept it brings
From the sombre dusk gloaming
It’s vibrancy sings
The wonderful crocus and snowdrops
That show
Their dazzling glare
Just like fresh fallen snow
Foaming and waxen
Fresh, as can be
Imbolc when sweet lambs
Explode with such glee
From their frosty beginnings
Each frolicking dance
Their expressions of joy
Each cavorting chance
To make that impression
To leap and to be
Launching one’s frail little legs

Are you the tourist
That seeks out the light
The great revelation
Springs forth as a right
To join with the Spring
With it’s impact that drives
A new kind of clarity
And it survives
In the stillness and hush
Of Winter still born
In the winterbound chattering
Frost bitten dawn

Clearwell’s dark caverns
Urge enquiring minds
Dips into vigour
Peers into dark
A child’s observation
Leaving it’s mark
In this candlelit world
In the Bowels of the earth
Where men dig the ochre
With all of its worth
The ritual of knowing
Buds on the trees
In the bare forests
Breathe life with such ease
Swell with a vibrancy
A new found tease
A purification a rekindling fire
It’s invigoration from every spire

The flocks seek her patronage
She is the one
The Bride of the mantle
When the day is done
The Ritual of mating
When serpents will stir
Behold the first ploughing
That just might occur
Brigid has trodden
The sod of the spring
The forge it be hot
The smith craft doth ring
With the sound of the hammer
The tongs and whats more
The coals and the smoke
For our eyes to adore
A candle of brimstone
And sulphur so stark
A glorious vista
That’s making its mark
Forsythia bursting
Witch hazel too
Behold Imbolc’s magic
Is coming for you


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