German zoo in KREFELD near the Dutch border

No extra protection
Poor judgement if you ask me
A zoo providing life and safety
For primates under lock and key
Gorillas and orangutans
chimpanzees and Marmosets
Birds and bats
All perished in a fire
And honestly the bets
The end game for the victims
That’s us the primates who
Really do not have any mates
That’s the dream come true

The great EU has standards
They tell the world they do
But actually they are useless
They do not have a clue
Animals in locked up prisons
Humans call a zoo
Can whistle they can scream all night
Honestly it’s true

This zoo close to the border
With the Nederland they saw
A night sky full of little stars
And crashing through their door
Fireworks bangs and sparkling rain
Burning everywhere
Causing smoke and sparks and smell
And ofcourse despair

Sitting on our perches
With no where to go
All the cages locked great padlocks
Stopping us you know
Smoke and sparks are killing us wood falling from a height
We are very frightened
We could soon be alight
And no one here to care for us
Spray water on the flame
So we are going to burn alive
That’s our claim to fame

It was one of those lanterns
Or a rocket maybe so
Nobody stayed behind tonight
They fucked off quick to show
Their families no doubt fireworks in the local town
And we were left to suffer
And bloody well just drown

In the smoke and awfulness the agony and pain
Glass was breaking walls were flaking
We were all insane
With worry and with much concern
And suffering but we
Had been clearly left to perish
And we will reluctantly.

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