Chang Puak Camp Zoo THAILAND

Ignorance is an issue
At this established zoo
An no appreciation for what
They all should do
Clearly there’s crass ignorance
And a lack of education
Shallow and superficial
And letting down the Nation

Thailand deserves better
By a long long way
Too much sloppy thinking
Narrow minded I will say
The evidence is startling
Everywhere you go
The monkeys being tortured
And made to do a show
The crocodiles in a cesspit
Duck weed everywhere
The tigers being fed by tourists
Really that does scare
Anybody witnessing
Sweets thrown into their cage
The elephants made to give rides
and are beaten to a rage
Chimps fed rice from plastic bags
It’s obnoxious just to see
The state and peace of mind here
The inexpediency

Zoo’s are supposed to care
But this place it’s a joke
It’s more a torture chamber
Where anyone can poke
At wild souls feeling miserable
And most just not fed well
Or living in a chaos
A little living hell
This place should be shut down
Tourists should be told
Neglect and really bad things
Are happening tickets should not be sold

Zoo’s really at the best can be
Horrible I have to say
But this place is impossible
The worst around today

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