A hooded cloak of cherry
Badges everywhere
A grey beard matching tousled hair
A bard whose need to share
Words and compositions
A preamble to it all
A rich continuation
To the writing on the wall
A soothsayer of seasons
Rituals in the bag
Constantly the Winter of one’s life
Is like a flag
A casualty of circumstance
The aftermath of which
A sequel to performance
And an upshot to the pitch

Gravity and vigour
A peppery repose
Rickety and shaky
An authorship that grows
A tyranny of substance
A tendency to be
Really into wildness
And to forestry
A traveller of continents
Forever musing there
Ruminative and pensive
Agog wanting to share
A vivid imagination
A meaningful desire
To envisage and to visualise
And realise the fire

That burns within his
To a literal degree
Rhapsodical and resourceful
It’s where he likes to be
Where truth and make-believe are one
And daydreams everyday
Can be put into poems
As we wander on our way
A reverie and ransom
A fanciful display
A swordsman of the lexicon variety
That may
Cross swords with so many
But advocate the need
To use the might of magick
With a reason to succeed

To affirm and well to formulate
Straight from the shoulder prose
Fighting for the underdogs
With a nomenclature that grows
A true perspicuity
Forceful to a case
An ardent line on vigour
At a very varied pace
A Druid in the making
The Cotswold Order clan
A symmetry of silence
Flawless and to plan
Articulation noticeable
Tub thumping in a way
Rousing with a humour
And a licence to display

Stanzas strains and verses
Elegiac ways
Can with spontaneity
Ad lib and as it plays
Out across the circle
Encourage and create
A harmony of purpose
And a rapport to debate
A hooded cloak of cherry
Butterflies and birds
Dragonflies and owls and skulls
And pentagrams and words
Of magickal direction
Of the precious fae
Animals and trees and flowers
That in the hedgerows play

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