A stunning and amazing soul
A mountain full of fire
An icy cape a vast great shape
Of its beauty I won’t tire
It is close to Riobamba
From its rocky halo shroud
All kinds of purple at its skirt
It’s voice pronounced out loud

It rises high above the town extinct
Or so they say
A majesty of rock and ice
To soothe and save your day
Above surrounding valleys
Where great mists ebb and flow
It really is magnificent
Wherever you might go
From the open market
Where artisans display their wares
Under neath a rusty cart
A little kitten dares
To show it’s shy sweet face to us
And we bend down and say
Hello little kitten how are you today
Very lean and sickly looking
With the prettiest eyes
We scooped her up and took her
Clearly a surprise
She was just a bag of bones
spreadeagled on the ground
We took her to a local vet
Paid 10 bucks and we found
A vet Who said a friend of his
Was looking for a cat
And could he give it to her
Both of us loved that

“Rexina”partly my name and my friend Christina
This little soul now in control
Hopefully it’s true
The vet would actually care for her
And treat her kindly he
Said he would and that would be good
For her and we

Were satisfied at least we had made every effort to
Find a safer place for her
Than huddling in a market place
That was never ever a safe base
For any little kitty all those rusty trucks
And cart wheels there
a rolling this and that way
Creating real

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