Yule message to my Doctor

I have felt so I uncared for
A life sentence really
Of misunderstandings
Out in the cold
Left alone and unheeded
And I haven’t succeeded
In putting my point across
My life was on hold

My pain has been massive
But I have had my musings
campaigning and blogging
and fighting each cause
A lone figure jogging
Down dark country roads
Over mountainous passes now
Not wearing my glasses
I stumbled And fell
Nobody to help me
To pick me up dust me off
No one at all
It was as if my Hell
Was just of my making
With so much love in me
It just felt so wrong
And now I am weaker
And older And suffering
Left with uncertainty
Yes all along

Its my obscurity
Unsure and doubtful
Of where I should be
I lost my soul mate
and that really got to me
I have been struggling
Fighting to free
Myself of what held me back
Took me to dark corners
So many tears falling
Then I found some light
In the shape of a doctor
A lady who I felt helped me
She saw
The pain I was suffering
The x rays they told her
But despite her overload
Didn’t ignore

Me I did feel cared for
Truly respected
Not just that nuisance
Whose gait was so slow
Who moaned when he walked
suffering greatly
She kind of lifted my spirit
You know

Restored some faith
In the way I was feeling
She understood what I was going through
And that really helped me to
Fight off the demons
To take on the world
With its pain good and true
With Yule in the offing
I wanted to thank you
Your kindness and thoughts
I appreciate and
You have been supporting me
And I am grateful
It’s helped me these past
Months to so understand

Thankyou Dr Magliano for all your help and care
You have been my rock and am much stronger now
For the help and consideration you have shown me.

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