Yule at the ancient henge

We are witness to the ancientness
That encompasses the soul
The unique hues of Autumns past
Just memories that roll
Forward like the passing clouds
Less colourful its true
A mantle of slate grey above
For Winters here and we all do
Feel the sodden ground beneath our feet
The frosty air
Our priestly caste
As winters blast
Our druidry we share

The golden light of mistletoe
The vermillion berries red
The palest green of ivy
We see it overhead
We are living with the remote past
On megalithic stone we feed
Life forever sacred
Heaven is the earths great deed

Cyclical its endlessly
Turning the great wheel
Death regeneration and re birth
Its all for real
The sun ofcourse the life force
The human cycle we
Wholesome as the day is long
Onto eternity

Here in this stone henge ritual
The ancestral spirits rise
Endowed with all the energy
Coming from the skies
Across a sacred landscape the sanctity is
All the precious geomancy
Of it please be

Feel the joy of gathering
The warmth of being here
Of holding to the future
Whilst standing where its clear
Ancestors have stood before us
Have fallen and with grace
Come and join our fellowship
Together as we face

Each other theres a reverence
For this great earth
We share
The love for a
One another
Ofcourse all of us care
We breathe and stand together
As druids we all know
Like bold enobled groves of stalwart trees
We know we glow

Rising like a heavenly mist out into beyond
Freeing the immortal
And sharing of our bond
Grounded in the physical
Enduring every way
the love of one another
And the world at large

To be read by the BARD at the stonehenge circle soon

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