The hermits and the plastic

The hermits are providing
With realism for
Plastic debris is poisoning them
In what is blood and gore
The cocos Islands the Henderson Islands
Have seen a Massive leap
In crabs there actually dying
Or as some say put to sleep

Little soft bodied miracles
That move house often they
Strap themselves to various shells
And feel grounded in this way
But all the plastic particles That
Get into the sea
And then into the hermit shells
Scientists Agree

The core the nitty gritty
The marrow or the meat
Is getting quite a grinding
Down and it is hard to compete
Filter feeding organisms
Finding plastic bits
In their real filtration
It’s does get on their tits

And makes a world of difference
To the working of them all
A homogeneous relation
That seems too close to call
It is causing division
A collapse in many ways
An intolerance to plastics
At component feature phase

The so called shout out worriers
Liberals to boot
Who quietly sup down soft drinks
With sugar at the root
And toss away their plastic bags
That end up far away
Forming make up stoppers
In the poor crabs d n a

The is an impending worry
That these plastic buts will get
It only in the hermit crab
But obviously gets set
In our own digestion
Brain and maybe so
Enter all our bodily parts
And clearly that do know

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