The dead fox

It bappened in Kirk Smeaton
IN North Yorkshire so we hear
A hunt was going on
A hunt for foxes drawing fear
In every heart around the place
SAbs were parked up they
Then saw a crowd of people coming
With a fox and a man did say
We brought a friend to see you
This wicked sinful yob
Who used an injured fox to thrash
The windows as a mob
Looked on watched the action
Such amorality
With children in the country lane there
Yes have to see
The anger and the vitriol and the foxes
Body used
Leaking guts and blood and snot
The dead soul so abused
It was an abomination
Clearly set to rile
To upset all the saboteurs
To set them to a trial
Of sorts to see the innards
Of the dead fox on their car
And hear the wicked ranting
That was clearly meant to scar

This truly was an outrage
Unprincipled and wrong
Callous and ungodly no way
Did it belong
On a lane in Yorkshire
Where youngsters who could see
The anger and the viciousness

The occupants beside themselves
They were trying to dissuade
Hunters to stop chasing foxes
And this fool now displayed
Aggression and a total irreverance
As they
Sat there experiencing all of this
On their boxing day

The police ofcourse were not around
They never really are
When criminals are causing mayhem
The victims have to star
In their very own drama
They must try to stay
Calm and not get involved
With whats outside their car
That day

Clearly a perverted sicko
Raging at a height
Depraved who picks a dead fox up
And somehow thinks its right
To go smash its body on a strangers car
With all the power and vehemence
Of exactly who you are

Clearly the passengers emotional
Frightened and in shock
Its obscene to witness all of this
The noise to and each knock
Scratching at the windscreen
It puts the fear of god
Up those it was aimed at
And who was this ugly sod

Who clearly didnt know them
Just an ugly sort
Who clearly knew what he was doing
Thought it would make good sport
Frightening the ladies
And Abusing a wild soul
leaving the blood and internal organs
Smashed out of control

The police are looking into it
That is what we hear
Imagine the image before them
For me its very clear
These hunt people are arrogant
They just hunt and kill and they
Are criminals for certain
And should be locked away

Not lousy fines and smiles all around
But a prison sentence where
They can reflect on their insolence
And their total lack of care
Let them realise its not honour
And that wild life needs a break
And that people calling criminals to task
For all our sake

Need and can expect protection from the law.

2 comments on “The dead fox

  1. adrian Mcloughlin on said:

    Wonderful poetry. Captures the moment blow by blow, displaying the cruelty and disrespect for the innocent fox.

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