The bitch needs shooting

when we choose to live in rural parts
Of the the country
We need to realise we are bound to share
Our spaces with the wild folk who were placed
There by creation
Acceptance is to be the word, and care
In the province of Victoria
A couple of people living there
In a tiny hamlet of eleven people so I hear
Clearly many protected wild birds congregate
and they
Live their lives in wild abandon
Every single day

Recently two of the people have been charged
Where they
Took it on themselves to kill off wild life
My dismay
Is evident both of them were trapping birds you see
Wedge tailed eagles and butcher birds
Which are Protected actually

But these two individuals both ignorant as hell
Got it into their sick sad minds
that what they could do well
Is leave those vile steel traps about
For the unsuspecting souls
Who then get caught up in them
They really both are trolls

One man killed 400 wedge tailed eagles a real shit
And recently the women Judy Edwards so Unfit to call herself a resident
that’s my point of view
Leaving all these awful traps about
I mean it’s true

She killed upwards of 74 different kinds of birds
Two Ravens clearly got the chop and a poor fox too
What words
are left
For people like this
ofcourse against the law
Jail time seemingly should have been anything up to four
Years and a huge fine
But she just got Away
with murder
Not a day in jail
A measly fine was that a sign
How the bloody courts do fail

The animals the judges most are a bunch of twats
She created mayhem on that farm of hers
The spats
she chose to have with animals
Suffering awful pain
tortured they were tortured
Their blood left there to drain

Slowly from their bodies
Caught in these awful traps
instead of being put away
She enjoys a glass of schnapps

And just goes home to do it again
The judges thereabouts
should have their arses
Kicked for I am in no doubts
What has happened there is shocking
There are no excuses for
Wild life treated in this way
For it’s something I abhor

The wildlife act
The Prevention of Cruelty Act
Not a leg to stand on she
Should have had the book thrown at her
And sadly all we see
Is leniency and denial
And animals suffering so
These crimes were as bad as they could be
And you still don’t want to know

AUSTRALIA you truly sickens me
Not protecting your gifted birds and animals

Of god up so so many a criminal to be sure
But the bloody judge was lenient and didn’t lock the door
On her
As for her neighbour

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