Where have all the sparrows gone to
When I was a boy
My garden was just full of them
Which did bring me some joy
But now the little blighters
Apparently believe
There possibly are better places
For them to achieve
House sparrows and tree sparrows
Have decided that they should
Move off to other climates
Really because they could
Even to the Faroe Islands
You can find them now
Where ever cultivation exists
That’s really how

Wherever there is wilderness
The sparrow will not be
He needs a farmer in his life
So he can then be free
So Actually parasitic
Which is their need you see
Without us cultivating
As a host they cannot be
And they have cuckoo tendencies
Stealing other nests
A domed structure in the trees
Passes all their tests
But given half the chance
The poor old Swallow finds
A sparrow actually in his
Exhibiting all the signs
That really he should be there
A Lifetime lodger he
Prefers to move in to a nest
already built for free

3 comments on “Sparrow

  1. Paul Taylor on said:

    No shortage of sparrows in Cowes Isle of Wight. In our garden this year like last year we had three clutches


    Perhaps they like the salty air
    Around they flutter without a care
    Sparrowhawks cause quite a scare
    But luckily they are quite rare

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