So called hunting ban

The obtuseness and naïveté of the public
The so called hunts that shouldn’t be allowed
Following a trail a denial that does sail
Out across oblivion for every likely tale
That we come across where riders and hounds
Are in the field
Chasing precious foxes
With excuses they then yield
Many a frightened animal of one sort or another
In this case it was FLUffy a ten year old cat mother
An 80 year old lady in her own garden
Who saw
Her family member tore to shreds
Having to witness blood and gore

Imagine for a moment the probability
Just how could it happen
Hunting shouldn’t be
Anywhere at all these days
There is a hunting ban
But of course these jumped scumbags
Will never find a fan
With me and many others
They are a scourge and should
Be shut down and prevented
For there is just no good

And sure enough some 30 or so Beagles
Found a hole
and got into a garden
Where fluffy had her role
Of playing near her guardian
And within a moment she
Was picked up by the baying brood
And murdered mercilessly

And all in front of the lady
She watched her dear cat die
Torn to pieces pulled apart
In the wink of an eye
Hounds that shouldn’t ever be
In her garden, they
Were clearly criminally trespassing
On that awful day

ROSS HARRIERS Hunt said sorry
And brought some flowers along
A life was lost a terrible cost
Where everything was wrong
A beautiful cat was murdered
A lady watched it all
The stress the grief the suffering
The iniquitous display
The shameful and distressing act
On that awful day

A pursuit that took those animals
Into her garden, she
Trailing there’s a failing
They never should ever be
Anywhere near a private garden
There can be no excuse
After all a life is a priceless thing
They should never have been loose

Hunting was banned years ago
Watch my lips when ‘I
Say despite the law they still go out and hunt
And why
They are not hunting foxes when we all know they are
The culture is despicable
And honestly they are far

Off the beaten track of life
Carrying on as they
Think they have the upper hand
With their cultural display
The bulk of Britain doesn’t want their ugliness
We want to protect the wild life
That is what I have found

The police and the government ought to
Make it abundantly clear
Hunting really in all it’s forms
Should be banned
For all the fear
That comes with chasing wild souls
Across and through our land
Is barbarity and brutality
It’s Ill wishing and Ill willed
Spiteful and malicious
Animals being killed
It’s wrong in every aspect
Unforgiving and hostile
Callous and sadistic
And certainly does rile

Many many of us
Who see the spoils about
The wretched corpses of the foxes
We are in no doubt
Whatever the excuses
Clearly foxes are
Being torn to ribbons
And the countryside we scar

A genuine lack of pity
Of heartlessness exchanged
Compassion is out of fashion
As hunters are deranged
Watching hounds demolish
Wild creatures like this cat
This is what is happening
This is where we are at

A bunch of flowers
An insult
An apology for what
A precious life
Just stolen
A soul smashed on the spot
There are no words
Poor fluffy what an awful way
To go and meet ones maker
The price too high to pay

But it happens really all over
On country lanes where we
In streets around the countryside
Riders yes we see
Full of gloat and arrogance
Imagining that they
Have the right to do whatever
And it is that have to pay

Hunting should be closed down
All these hunts be told
Hit them with huge fines

That really hurt them
Let’s be bold
The countryside wants peace and quiet
Not galloping horse and hound
And whining yelling maddening frightful
Churning up the ground
Frightening the wild life
It’s wrong on every turn
It’s immoral and it’s wicked
And it really does concern

The majority

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