A dripping tap of devilry
Has taken all I loved away
The bloodbath of repetitiveness
Must surely now forever stay
A stain that grows within my soul
A child whose eyes now dare
To question the true sanity
Of why so much despair
Fills what is eternity
Boundless and untold
My obvious fragility
Alone today I hold
The battleground before me
An unearthly scene of woe
I have grown up in an instant
There is no where else to go

For me a cataclysm
Divides my realm of light
All my creature comforts
Is this why I have sight
A watershed of being
A casualty today
A destiny of impending doom
Is bound to come my way
My infancy exhausted
Disabled by it all
Which god would sanction
What I see
The silent overhaul

A debacle of misfortune
An apocalyptic cause
That subjugates my senses
And leaves me now to pause
To propagate adultness
To demonstrate a need
To demonise and sacrifice
And force angels to bleed

To come into a world like this
My nativity
Aborted in so many ways
The whole integrity
Of life that honest miracle
A shambles to be sure
Of gladiatorial combat
And what is all out war
Whatever it is I have become
My parents clearly are
Genocidal self destructive
Slaughterers who scar
And purge what was the life force
And will I too be free
Joining all these animals
For surely I should be

In a land called NEPAL hope sadly is no longer eternal

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