They are really going through the mill
For Australia believes
It’s wildlife are now very frail
Industry achieves
A lot more than the animals
Gifted to the land
The Koala is one of those gifts
Which some don’t understand
They are a marsupial
Loving on the Eucalypts
The leaves are pretty juicy
They don’t get off on trips
But drinking is not what they do
So Australia can be
Ideal for this animal
Who really loves to be
Up there on a Eucalypt
Sleeping it’s day away
Dharug Gula drinks no water
A sedentary they say
Bush fires are the enemy
Because they are inclined
To move well much too slowly
That’s what most people find
Trees do well for paper
Production far away
Chop the trees down rapidly
Clear them every day
As for the KOALA who now really cares
We need to crack
We need the coal
We just need to attack
The role

The wild souls of the outback
The dingo and the roo
The koala and the rabbit
They do nothing for you
They live out in the wilderness
Where no man wants to see
And so if bush fires rage to off the page
We shall not be

There to count the victims
That drop down from the bough
Another and another, we must ask really how
They ever came to be there
What do they accomplish here
Apart from getting scorched in bush fires
It’s now becoming clear

The animal rights protectors
Frequent the world today
Loads of so called vegans
They are always in the way
Trawling through their Facebook pages
Making quite a noise
And only happy really
When of course their joys

Reach into their self belief
And animals Receive
Help aid and assistance
And people then believe
All the wild ones mean more
Than even humans who
Kill for the sake of killing
I know this to be true.

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