If Massachusetts can do it so can the world

The reasoning power of many
And the consciousness of some
The inner child whose spirit
Who perhaps may put their thumb
Directly onto a problem
With hindsight probably
May browse for hours
And smell the flowers
Before commenting thoughtfully

Distracted from the issue
Through inconsideration
An undutifulness by default
Or rash procrastination
Uncaring even reckless
Caught napping in a way
Neglectful and oblivious
Left to another day

Loose thinking solecism
Irrelevant unbearable
Beg the question too
argue in a circle
It just has to do
Short sighted gullibility
That very jaundiced eye
There is always one in any crowd
No visionaries and why

Because of the naïveté
A weakness in the midst
Just too much resistance
High fives get the gist
An inappreciation
Of wildness at the core
That obstacle to knowledge
And what it’s really for

A real authenticity
A genuineness to see
Out beyond the corporation
And the fallacy
Too much irrationality
And a lack of what is right
Of compassion and of empathy
And walking with the light

It’s good that Massachusetts
Have come together they
Realise the animals are important
And the day
That contest for the killing
Of creatures everywhere
Come to an end which then does send
Some distance from despair

The piles of dead the waste of life
To Imbalance that they cause
Blood sports can’t be countenanced
The need is so to pause
To find the Age of Enlightenment
Be alert and be aware
Just profit from experience
And finally clear the air

Hunters there are still a lot
Trappers and the hangers on
The Meat Trade and the Fur Trade
The designer classes when they are gone
Overboard with the animals parts
That should be out of bounds
Soundness of mind is important
Now there are good grounds

For ceasing all this murdering
This torture and this suffering
Animals all should have rights
And blood sports everywhere
Must be banned let’s lift our hand
And applaud the people who
Have seen the light
And love how bright
It is now that they do

To the fisheries and wildlife Board
And to all the people of Massachusetts well done
You are angels in your own right

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