Gothic crows

There is certain hero worship
Between the crows today
The frosty branches
Crisp and white
Sees consternation play
Out each flying foray
Wizards in a way
Spectacular and observing
About their grand display

bewilderingly obvious
They gasp they gawk they scream
There is a nobility
And unbroken line would seem
A dynasty of warriors
Amongst the flighted ones
Chivalrous in battle
High born sons of sons

Elevated and haughty
Upstaging everywhere
Full of self importance
A cockiness all share
Puffery and bluster
The gothic crows have that
Swagger prance and glory
This is where they are at

An audacity and brashness
An impertinence next to boot
They will come and pinch your vitals
Sassiness to suit
Arrogant and cheeky
Frightening in their way
Get a Murder of them
A reunion some say

They do create commotion
And their blackness causes fright
Their talons and their beaks
Could give a frightening bite
They come with quite a story
Shape shifting shadows sense
A great embrace of magick
And a bountiful defence

Up in the trees
Or on the henge
Their beady eyes are clear
Often seen as villains
And thus expressing fear
To those of us who come upon
A murder of them where
The forest darkens suddenly
And causes us despair

A rapture of emotions
Champions you see
Adulation raucous
A true idolatry
Binge eating they are good for that
When they get the chance
They wallow in indulgence
And insatiable romance

The gothic crows
Are ready
At Yule they will come by
Over stone henge
Interested in the rituals
That apply
The Druids in their many robes
From the sarsons they
Note the rhymes and revelations
And then carry away

The philosophy of the corvidea
Spells on ancient times
As brethren they are capable
And as the great bell chimes
Out across the frosty moors
Where the ungodly be
The wonder working covens
As soothsayers they see

Sorcery and secret arts
An investment in their soul
surveyors of the circle
Certain their control
A certain recognition
Of the ancient realms in which
Their engagement and commitment
Which Together they will pitch

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