God all mighty
Existence if it’s known
Uncreated and unmade
These murderers have blown
Their chances in the afterlife
Through ignorant acclaim
Murdering the innocent
Can now only inflame
The baseless groundless evil
That exists in soulless fools
Nothingness that drools
From the lips of monsters
Not a whit or jot
Unrelated to the here and now
The tragedy a lot

Still exist in areas
Of such antipathy
Conflicting and discordant
No one ought to be
As diametrically opposite
To the present advanced thought
For the sacrificial being
Who enjoys their blood lust sport
I am sickened to my soul by it
So many lost and gone
What is the great undoing
The wave that crashes on
Heads roll eyes roll flashes
Of blood fountains this high
No god is ever satisfied
When hearing angels cry

GADHIMAI it’s chaos
It’s utter turmoil where
Every five years madness looms
The cosmos in despair
A catalogue of slaughter
Behold a blood bath we
Hold up the name of God’s we say
We love but honestly
No god would ever want to see
Such carnage and such death
An assemblage of such mortals
All sharing each other’s breath
Cut down in the spirit
The agony proclaims
This is not progressive
And everybody blames
The ugly vile admission
That the temple did agree
And was witness to guttural raucous
Screams of misery
The scraping and the rasping
The tuneless droning tone
Eclipsed by obfuscation
And every ruptured bone

Inappreciation of life
In all it’s forms
Bewilderment and ignorance
The unwisdom of all norms
A smattering of enlightenment
Unknowing and unaware
Unscholarly and lowbrow
Those who can never care
It’s perverted to such a degree
Folly to be sure
Workings of an unsound mind
That sees the blood and gore
As gifted to the so called gods
In reality they rave
If only it was possible
That these victims we could save
Perhaps our affirmations
Our willingness to be
Sage like in our pondering
Then the luminary
Might help the situation
The rational the true
The lucid the clear headed
Will one day soon win through

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