Elephant Polo

Where is the mentality
Or the reasoning power
We need a stream of consciousness
For without it, it feels sour
A dose instead of mindlessness
A much more vacuous view
For elephants to play Polo
It’s not what animals do
Forcing and coercing
Cajoling as we see
Using canes to whip them
This should never be
In the so called excitement
The mahouts all want to win
The heedlessness is often
And a blind spot to the din

Five year olds of course they play
But competitively that’s not the way
It’s violence that makes elephants run
And chase a putt, and what we have done
Is force a beast to ignore its weight
It’s feet not meant as many state
Lack of respect for the elephants who
Get scarred and wounded because they do

It’s irrational behaviour here
It does lack judgement too and it’s clear
Elephants often hesitate
That’s when accidents happen
At a rate
Their feet are not designed to be
Involved with such tomfoolery
Mahouts should realise and be seen
To be respectful and not so mean

Nepal accomplishes my regret
Gifted elephants hold a debt
Taken from the wild to be
Polo players for us to see
It makes no sense it’s asinine
And so unseemly down the line
My wish is POLO cannot be
For elephants
And we all must see

An end to this ridiculous and unseemly entertainment

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