Put upon
That feeling of willingness to please
Thrown back really in one’s face
A despairing tease
Inflicting, such heartache
For a martyr in distress
An ordeal of infliction
And a torment giving stress
What is residual misery
That cuts into one’s soul
How can a spirit climb to heights
Wanting to share a goal
But the realisation
Of displeasure cutting through
How indisposed and downtrodden
I really feel and do

Want to overwhelm my self
With the suffering inside
Condemned to obvious slavery
My willingness denied
Sick-at-heart and at this point
I writhe in my own pain
The chafing irritation
The injurious refrain
Inside of me the vile disquiet
His savagery of mind
The fact he never cared a jot
He looked at me as blind
He wanted to maltreat me
Defeated possibly
Despite all my endeavour
I just could not be free

Of total subjugation
Of an awning sense of soul
Of malignant molestation
He gave me that role
And in my wish to please him
Despite his odious ways
And despite his deplorable attitude
And refusal to give praise
I worked into a frazzle
Around and around did go
My feet continually pressing
Made a gulley that did grow
It set me really feeling
Put upon and lost
An investment into pleasing
At a very heavy cost

MAn unkind has always been
A low life to be sure
He sets out to break our spirit
It was for him a war
Of importune diminishment
Of abuse because he knew
When a donkeys spirits broken
There is nothing one can do

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