Characterless scumbags

characterless scumbags
Fox chasing knobs
Pitiless scroungers
Merciless bounders
Risen in station
Their new found salvation

guilty as sin
And transgression that Skin
Over many margins
For censured they be
Shameful and blushing
So obdurate thee

Make no excuses
For juices run hot
You quislings
You arses
Transfixed on the spot

There is no contrition
With you lot about
Heartless and cruel
Leaving us in no doubt

Of your unreformed ardour
Your conscienceless streak
You abandon good sense
And with excessive cheek

Ride through the wild places
Tearing down walls
a wild bunch of fools
Chasing a vixen holed up with cubs
Unlawfulness high on your list
Yes it rubs

The moral maidens their honour
And all
Trespassing transgressing
Encroaching louts
Who at the end of the day
Leave us all without doubts

Boxing Day hunters
You sicken us all

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