Canada Goose

It goes right through you
It does for me
The screwballs trap
We didn’t see
And now my leg is held
Real tight
And Canada GOOSE
Believes it’s right

They pay the oddballs who do this shit
Next to nothing, and where I sit
Few care honestly anymore
For the pain and suffering
I abhor
What is to become of me
When they come back
Of course I will see
A bullet yes or possibly
Or a lump out of his arse for me

As for the corporate who believes
To randomise well it achieves
A bigger kill rate seemingly
And it seems consumers just agree
Injured and dehydrated
Left to starve or be
Torn apart the fur trade’s reason
Creating cruelty

Canada GOOSE is fast and loose
Incoherent in every way
Giving excuses for their abuses
They just don’t get it
And so we pay
“Trap Free Montana”
I like that strap
So much better
Than this here trap

Wearing fur given to me
Really is contradictory
It revokes my rights
To of course run free
And live my life
Where I am key
Really it’s duplicity
No bigger dose of sophistry
To wear my dead skin
As your own
As if your illusion
Was all home grown

I guess then
What you have to do
Is realise
You are not true
To yourselves
To me
Its one big ruse
And we all are duped
By Canada GOOSE

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