28 years

28 years
And out at six
That’s how the law expects to fix
The Radicalised and on the run
Ready to kill
When the day is done
Terrorists are everywhere
They have re invented their right to clear
The good from London streets for they
Are licensed to kill now anyway

28 years was not enough
6 was a joke
And times are tough
And they tag the murderers
And then set them free
To murder our people
It is their right to kill us they
Are getting us back just making us pay
For illegal wars
Iraq and Blair
Out on the streets they do not care

Of course we have no security
They are out and out now meant to be
The government lets it happen here
And the bloody mayor he won’t appear
Not till it’s happened and then he will say
It’s down to the TORIES anyway
The cuts and all the trouble out there
Is now out of hand and it drives him spare

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