Song bird killers

The committee against bird slaughter
Is a group that’s out there, they
Do everything they can to stop
The evident dismay
Of poachers hunters and others
Who trap, who poach, and who kill
Tiny little song birds
And say they get a thrill
Some are sold alive from traps or nets
To others who
Will use the birds as decoys
For me to know it’s true
That grown men feel the need
To go out shooting
the song birds
Who delight
Their Carolling rewarded
By shooting them in flight

Recently in Lombardy
A stash of victims found
Comprising Robins,Chaffinches
Bramblings, Siskins, bound
For far off lands but shot out of the sky
Some Dunnock too
and Hawfinches all precious
It’s true
In The mountains of Lombardy
Where they can quietly go
Utter criminality
Complicit as we know
Licensed to kill birds, I hear
Up to, 30 per day
In the shooting season
But many more do pay
With their lives for really
Policing isn’t tight
They get away with murder
They believe they have the right
They also do kill kestrels and buzzards
And some owls
Sparrow hawks and goshawks
These creatures from the bowels
Of some sick sinister sadist
Dissidents who feel
they have the right to murder
From rocks where they conceal

Their ugly wizened bodies
Deceitful rotten fakes
To sell on the black market
I mean it really takes
A rotten heartless nasty
Piece of work to act this way
And if they are caught
Their licenses should be removed
For life
Prison for at least five years
Give them back some strife

Post their ugly faces
In local papers where
Everyone can identify
Them let their family share
The wickedness they show abroad
With violent traps and live decoys
Our feathered friends subjected
To These rotten Judas boys

Italy in many ways
With its fineries of design
With all it’s classical history
Integrally the shine
Is so so false for hunters
Roving the countryside
Picking off our feathered friends
All Decency denied

Polenta Ucelli maize pudding
So I hear
with the addition of some tiny birds
4 at least it’s clear
Minus beak and feet the rest is eaten
In one bite
And this an Italian delicacy
Which of course just isn’t right

Thankfully CABS is on the case
With people who do care
Who love the birds
And use more than words
They are everywhere
Looking for the poachers
The hunters and the rest
And putting a stop to these vandals
Who think they know what’s best

Stelvie National Park
The glacial lakes for all to see
Creation works its miracles
For all of us to be
Immersed in truth and wonder
In the miracle of sight
We share our land with wild ones
Don’t turn their days to night

With Shabby racketeering
the order of their day
These poaching types a quick buck
And then they are on their way
Honour they don’t know what it means
For them it’s faithlessness
Double-dealing duplicity
Their rotten lives a mess

I hope to god the great EU
Comes down on sods like these
Takes away their license
And apply a squeeze
On their many freedoms
Incarcerate them for
At least five years
With massive fines
Which they won’t want to ignore
And it just might be the deterrent
That reaches their sad core
and convinces them it is madness
To just kill anymore

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