ROMANIA horse market cruelty

I have heard that market traders
In Romania create
A cruel and ugly spectacle
Such spiteful ness does rate
Badly in the scheme of things
For horses up for sale
Are abused by making them
Haul great logs and boulders
If they fail
If they collapse
They are beaten
Whipped until they cry
They pull their tails
So mercilessly
You have to wonder why

Human beings sink this low
And Heartlessness exists
What is the point of hurting souls
Pummelling with fists
Drawing blood such rancour
A disservice to the sale
Why torture animals ever
It is beyond the pale

Horses are intelligent
Obedient and they
Work for people it’s their will
But tests of strength I’d say
Weaken and are wrongful
Traders ought to know
That being bloody bitchy
Won’t help the money flow

Romania should have laws
It’s in the great EU
Why are they so malicious
In what they say and do
Surely it shows squalor
And sinister intent
Who would enter into a contract
With a horse that’s clearly spent

There is a certain madness
An arrogance we see
All this mental torture
and massive misery
Watching horses struggle
Collapsing on the ground
Maltreated and suffering
And hearing the sound

Of breathing and of torment
Fretting on the hour
Stress and strain and tension
How can that be power
It’s downright cruel
And traders in Romania
Should be
Hauled off to the courts and fined
Or be whipped themselves to see

How they would like the lashings
Cry babies I would think
Where someone cannot fight back
Really there is a link
There a proven coward at work
Punishing a soul
Using the severity
Their draconian control.

Copy to Peta
Copy to Romanian Rmbassy

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