Rex the druid

NAture is my mother
The romantic past I do
Reflect upon respecting
Ancestors through and through
The experience of earthly forms
Protecting the sweet dew
The megalithic moments
So worthy of my view

A pagan at my bosom
The sun the moon the earth
The druidic path profoundly
Is what is my worth
Cyclicity forms my belief
Death rebirth and on
Everything is intertwined
Eternity doth don

The ancient stones
The circles
Inspire me very much
Poetically they demonstrate
Just how I can touch
Those former druid masters
Whose beliefs were as mine now
A place of integration
Really it is how

I live my life through Nature
The trees the plants the earth
The mountains the seas the animals
Where in I seek re-birth.
The season mark my diary
The celebrations too
I love being a druid
For with studies I feel true

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