Put upon
Made to work
Neglected often every day
These donkeys really enjoy life
And work hard for a
Bag of hay

Considering the work they do
Its very hard to understand
Why owners should neglect them
Often tied up on the land
This faithful fellow
Was just this
Tied to a post and left to be
And the rope of course
Cut into his leg

Out in the dust and dirt
We see
Blowflies coming instantly
Laying eggs
And maggots start
To eat away
It breaks my heart
To see poor donkeys in this way
Neglected so
And left to pay

Everyday as street angels we
Pick up many victims
And do hopefully
Heal them and love them
And give them hope
To live without pain
Or in this case a rope

That cut into his leg
And was embedded there
Surely such pain
And rotten despair
Removing the rope
And all the maggots
And dirt
We bandaged the leg
Having washed it with soap

In a very short time
It was clean and was healing
Which honestly folks is very revealing
With good food and love and care
Animals do
Respond very well
And it’s always been true
And is why we help them
And love them as ours
For it gives them new life
And extraordinary powers

“Jeepers” we’d called him
An by jeepers he is now living with us
And other donkeys and calves we have saved
And plays around the yard and is loved by all our staff

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