Do they really have a choice?

It’s November in the forest
And all we hear around
Are great big
roars and bellows
Coming from the hollows
All that aggressive sound
Means one thing
All the big Bucks are searching for a mate
It can really put the wind up one
That I have to state
And what about the ladies
Do they get a say
Or is it just the great big bucks
At always make a play
Collecting up their harem
Which turn their mood to bad
Protecting them from the other Bucks
Who wander around sad
You do get packs where some males
Cooperate and they
will g9 after some
Females when the male is forced away
It happens and it’s possible
For other bucks to try
and go and steal a lady
Though you may get black eye
Usually its
the fighters
The champion the King
He is the one who calls the shots
So what of those who bring
Poetry or music
Or even philosophy
into the equation
Where are they going to be
No where in the scheme of things
Which is unfair to me
A druid in the forest
alone unfortunately
Wondering what the ladies
Would choose if they had their way
Better to be with a sensitive male
Yes someone like me
They talk about carrying genes
But the biggest is not always
The best even the longest lived
Up aggression always pays
Dividends in the forest
Where the dictum apparently
Is if you are the biggest strongest
Bellower you will be

Significantly more fortunate with the ladies

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