Chesham Podiatry

A poem which can be sung quietly to the song you are wonderful

Bunions and Veruka’s
They can pain you
Corns between your toes are never great
Hard skin on the heels from summer sandals
Nails that snag your socks And so create
Problems in the washing with your lady
What have you been doing she will say
Call Chesham Podiatry he can buff the hard skin
He can buff the hard skin clean away

He parked my car outside his shop so wisely
And my plates of meat presented on the floor
blimey what on earth have you been doing
I haven’t seen more uglier feet before
I know I said I have been across the Andes
Visited the Himilaya’s
Call Chesham Podiatry He will buff the hard skin
Cut and buff the hard skin clean away
For he is wonderful with his box of files and buffers
With all of them he cuts the skin away

If it’s athletes foot or other funny fungi
Give Chesham Podiatry a bell
Go around to his fine shop on Broad street
If a little piggy starts to swell
If you are limping because your shoes Don’t fit you
He will check your inner soles and see
Call Chesham Podiatry he will cut the hard skin
Buff and shine the hard skin clean away
For he is wonderful and despite my YETI TOENAILS
All agree.

Fantastic service clean and comfortable and worth every penny

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