Cattle feed for profit

It’s truly false
It’s begrudging animals feed
Ruminants should chew the cud
It is hard to succeed
On DDD and soya beans
And GM shit all day
We really want the best
But feed the worst
And the cattle pay

Their digestion’s up the wall
Colic day and night
Suffering all those aches and pains
Of course it isnt right
GM feed
and DDD
It’s blatant and it’s wrong
These poor cows live all racked
With pain and agony all along

Gas and real time suffering
For ladies who do try
They need some fresh green grass
And wild flowers
And herbs too, which is why
Fed on those distillers grains
And GM well it’s wrong
It’s niggardly and penny pinching
And cows do not belong

On this regime not ever
Despite the marbling meat
That’s butchers And some chefs look for
It might seem to be a Treat
For some of those a sad carnivores
But the cows the suffer so
Farting worse than ever
The ozone layers know.

We really are a backward race
Of rotten carnivores
Allowing farmers to muck a bout
With feed a bunch of bores
Ruminants need to chew the cud
To crunch down on DDD
It isn’t right it can be
This the world must see

Cows know when they are unwell
And will go look for a plant
A herb that they identify
Nowadays days they just can’t
On diets now of DDD and mouldy grains
As well
These poor souls who we get their milk from
It’s caused the mothers HELL.

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