Monthly Archives: November 2019

Thoughts waylaid by the great highwayman

Distractions lead to actions Purposefully applied Behold the kalergi principles That surely are denied By The EU it’s domineering Bureaucratic stance Deleting sovereign nations With nothing left to chance Behold the controlling treaties stitch ups all the way Vast WiFi … Continue reading

In what is this web Of digital distancing Artificial intelligence Five g We are caught up in a Perilous existence When some of us Are rural and we see The world and all of Nature The gloriousness we share Inherent … Continue reading


If we should stay We are going to pay We are going to suffer Night and day Military Mobility The Schengen area Aids the free Movement of units and assets They all The European Area Will be on call A … Continue reading


How long he ‘d been lying there Nobody knew But a little boy found him And knew what to do Called animal aid unlimited And they came by Wrapped him in blanket Which made the boy cry He was happy … Continue reading

Losing the skills of venery

He who was skilled in the Ways of the beast All his waking hours Readily pieced together The ways of each wild forest Soul Who in Winter came forth In his unreserved role A hunter a venerer Keeper of game … Continue reading

Blick Mead

A world of perfect synergy When time advents to soul When wildness stood majestic And where Each life form took it’s role Predator and prey create A balance to pursuit Trees were they an origin A megalithic root All sharing … Continue reading

Let down merchants

Federal Europe The liars are many Having gone out to BRUSSELS And not really any Were leavers Believers Retrievers of soul Of our sovreignty EU CONTROL We have been signed up to All these long years They make all our … Continue reading


England lost at Rugby But came second in the world Great to hear the name Of England Beautifully hurled Over the dreaded EU And all it’s bureaucrats And All the elitest morons The fattest of the cats