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The henge old and ancient Has seen lots of souls Felt the weight of the many Exchanging their goals Admired even more Robed in many a hue Creating their circles It’s what druids do In the footsteps of ancestors Many … Continue reading

Dave and Shaun

Two better blokes There cannot be Their dispositions great Rang Before they came On the given date Enthusiastic workers Cheerful all the way And Very very helpful And caring I will say Helpful and obliging Supportive in every way Explained … Continue reading


Put upon Made to work Neglected often every day These donkeys really enjoy life And work hard for a Bag of hay Considering the work they do Its very hard to understand Why owners should neglect them Often tied up … Continue reading

Rex the druid

NAture is my mother The romantic past I do Reflect upon respecting Ancestors through and through The experience of earthly forms Protecting the sweet dew The megalithic moments So worthy of my view A pagan at my bosom The sun … Continue reading

Golden Eagle

Seventy miles from Cedar City I was told there was An Eagle by the roadside That was just because A trucker seemed had seen it And as I was asked to go And, rescue the critter As someone who should … Continue reading


A very old dog Was lying alone Tucked around a bush His spirit had flown Curled and suffering Flies everywhere A great open wound on his stomach To share With the wriggling maggots Busily feeding His ear half torn off … Continue reading

Cattle feed for profit

It’s truly false economy It’s begrudging animals feed Ruminants should chew the cud It is hard to succeed On DDD and soya beans And GM shit all day We really want the best But feed the worst And the cattle … Continue reading

Chesham Podiatry

A poem which can be sung quietly to the song you are wonderful Bunions and Veruka’s They can pain you Corns between your toes are never great Hard skin on the heels from summer sandals Nails that snag your socks … Continue reading

The Laboratory&Pharmacology&Toxicology MIENBUTTEL

It’s good to report that a place That has been Violent and cruel And wholly obscene Is closing down Animals rights have said so A prison of horror It soon it will go Within the EU In Germany they Took … Continue reading


For hundreds of years For far greater numbers Of male calves born Sadly have been Abused and just thrown on the dust heap of life That practice I feel is Obscene It revolves around milk and the dairy And farmers … Continue reading