A gentle soul hardworking
All his days
His owner was of unsound mind
With wrathful indignant ways
Too many bursts of anger
A frightful man was he
Gnashing teeth and fury
Was often how he be

Poor “Veeru” always working
Slaving carrying loads
Suffering so much lament
Walking down the roads
Close to all that traffic
His legs and feet so sore
However hard he worked all day
At night it was a war

He’d get beaten for his trouble
He dare not sleep for he
Might be woken up by being kicked
Or his angry words would be
Echoing through the house
And thats when “Veeru” knew
He would a get a beating
But tied up, what could he do

Its easy to feel bitter
And resent the cruelty
Such an affront to Fairness
He so audaciously
Swore at me and whipped me
Almost every day
And all he did was work me harder
But never got any hay

One day “Veeru’s” legs were sore
And a heavy load of wood
Was tied balanced on my body
Which didnt feel too good
I had carry it up a slope
And it much too much
And so I dropped a lot of it
And the anger then was such

An awful state he took a pipe
And beat me On and off all day
About my face and neck and back
Screaming he did say
How useless I was to him
How he would have to sell
Me to the local slaughter house
For I did nothing well

He took a pipe and beat me
Till I could hardly see
Bruised just about everywhere
And bleeding too sadly
He was always very ugly
Scowling all the while
Kneeing me and kicking me
My spirit he did rile

He left me in a field
And the angels noticed me
Animal aid unlimited
They were shocked infact to see
My injuries were terrible
My whole body in shock
All I could do was stand there
My joints just seemed to lock

At least a half a dozen
Souls came to fetch me
They helped me to the ambulance
Carried, so weary
Was I, not fed at all that day
And so my rescue was
Something that felt desperate
Really just because

I thought that I would die that day
Out there in the field
No water and no food to eat
And I was concealed
But thankfully they found me
And helped me with their care
Stopped the bleeding
Stopped the pain
And loved me,so aware
Of my pitiful countenance
And my body sore
They spent time looking after me
Like nobody had before

For five weeks they were healing me
He had ruptured my eye
Deep cuts took a while to heal
My Face so bruised was why
I couldnt sleep or make a noise
I really took the brunt
Of that mAn’s evil anger
And the police were on a hunt

To find him and to charge him
For the angels said that they
Had never seen a more abused animal
And they
say be had been arrested
And charged and Was going to court
And they were giving evidence
Telling what they thought

I slowly became more confident
Realising here
Everybody loved me
I had no reason to fear
Always kind soft words were spoken
Never tempers flying
Love and kisses everyday
And no thoughts now of dying

This is to be my forever home
So love yes everyday
Food and water its heavenly
and friends now
come what may
I play with all the dogs
the puppies cats and donkeys too
We really have a lovely time
In my dream world come true.

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