The penguin and the Leopard Seal

A tiny penguin
Makes his deadly dash
Across the sea
Away from the giant Leopard Seal
Which did apparently
Chase him across the melting ice
Upon the azure sea
Unstable truly and on fire
He didnt want to be
Supper for the great big seal
His freedom it meant more
Amd so retraced his steps
And leapt back on the rocks for sure

A tiny little Penguin
Being watched now from the sea
Watching as he plunges back
trying to swim free
Given that his freedom
Was worth a whole lot more
A tiny wizened prospect
Not worth fighting for

Leaping upon a flow
His motives to inspire
A tiny ebony parcel
Ready to expire
Exhausted beyond any thing
He had ever felt before
Coming face to face
With the Leopard Seal
Who realised his war
Was up he could just eat the penguin
But he was very small
Hardly worth the effort
He would go and find a school
Of fish or bigger penguins
Why kill a tiny soul
Whose valour had been marvellous
He had stayed in control
And so he turned around and sank
Back into the sea
And left the little Penguin
With his bout of chivalry
Thinking he had won the day
Freedom for a while
the tiny penguin
He was left
To try to reconcile

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