The gifted one’s

they Stalked the Bush
They quietly rose
To roar at night
And to suppose
Their place was gifted
It was where
They surely chose
To breathe the air
Laos did sensationally
trap and snare successfully
Villainous minds
Deserted far
Seldom star
Petty tyrants
Causing pain
Perhaps again

Our tigers traipsed
They were trapped and lost
It was our unfeeling state
That cost
Their heartlessness
Their severity
Their pounds of flesh
For humanity

We were ruthless
And persecuting
Quick to smother
Death by shooting
Our intolerance
Set us up each day
To the cruel and merciless display

We have lost our tigers
One by one
They perished
In the noon day sun
Our revengeful fight
Our thankless way
We killed them off
And everyday

Spitefulness came to the fore
We connived together
In the war
Of the unavenged
Who lost their way
The hatchet job
That made them pay

Where was their justice
It’s illicit course
They were won over
By the force
They didn’t trespass
It was us
We threw them all
Under our bus

They were never willing
Such churlishness
One after another
Just no redress
Our resentment made it clear
Tigers were not welcome here

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