The birds

Conflict does exist alas
Between car owners and birds
Parking underneath the trees
Some can be lost for words
Living in a forest
In nature so to say
And complaining about wild life
It’s simply not the way

You do get zero tolerance
From the remorseless kind
They say they live the spirit
But in fact most are just blind
They say they like the woods and trees
And the birds and bee’s they do
But deep down inside their selfishness
It’s simply isn’t true

Birds diets mostly consist of
Vegetables and fruits
Less sulphides and more nitrogen
From all the leaves and roots
Birds fly so they need to
Evacuate a lot
And owners get all grumpy
When it really hits the spot

If fresh and wet it’s easy
To clean it off the car
But if it dries it isnt wise
Scraping if we are
Scraping at the paintwork
Our precious car can be
damaged by the bird poop
That comes down out of the tree

We must have understanding
And always try to share
God made birds made animals
And they are everywhere
Putting up the bird sheets
Or the teeth along the boughs
Is unfeeling, it’s revealing
And it disallows

Wildness to be making
An offering to all
The car leaks oil and fluids
And pollutes too
And the call
Nationally is to reduce
The evils of the car
We have to be more lenient
And know who we are

We believe that it accelerates
The rusting of the car
We know we have read it somewhere
In that way birds don’t star
High in when we park
And in the dark we fail to see
We actually are parking underneath a tree

Trees give us our oxygen
And we need that air
We do not need the WiFi
To breathe we have to share
The environment we live in
With the birds we have to feel
It’s right to wipe the poop away
Not To try to conceal

Traps and wraps and teeth
And ways
To kill off kingdom come
We must give back share more and see
That not everyone is as numb
As the selfish city dwellers
Who won’t even feed the birds
And given half the chance
Well of course are lost for words

Before you buy your home in the woods

Think are you a woodsman are you caring

If not stay in the city

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