Newsweek says TRUMP has got the hump
And really wants to see
Pigs killed even faster
No controls effectively
Training he says slaughtering
Must be
Done as quick as possible
And USDA seem to agree

It makes no sense
Operators need to have Some care
They cannot speed up processes
That already are not fair
Workers can get injured and
Animals they can too
And TRUMP should mind his own business
For he is clueless, who

Want less actual inspection
And less compassion who
Wants to see pigs suffering
More than they already do
Animals are sentient
Emotional and care
And torturing them before they are killed
Leads to abject despair

Reducing times per animal
Really isn’t fair
Killing needs respect
And hurting the despair
Of torturing the animals
Shocking them to run
Kicking them and punching them
And threatening them with a gun

Trump must now be made to see
His ignorance if wrong
We need to show some empathy
For in this we belong
To save a bit of profit
With out responsibility
Just to make the bank sheet
Is the height of his depravity

The meat trade is a killing trade
Murder is their thing
Torture it comes with it all
To us it does bring
A ludicrousness of purpose
It bolsters up real fear
Increasing mortal terror
Well the genuinely sincere
Will look upon the system
The murder trade the whole
The Slitting throats brigade out there
All born without a soul.

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