LIttle “Banjo”

Lying in a corner of someones dusty yard
A dog amongst the rubbish
Fearful and on guard
In all trepidation
As frightened as could be
His right ear torn and bleeding
Clearly in agony
It wasnt all that easy
To coax him to be still
Wrap him in a blanket
For any movement will
Cause his head to move
And clearly Aggravate
But very gently carried
Him And did soon sedate

Our little friend
Who clearly had a really
Awful ear
We had to surgically remove it
That much was very clear
It must have been such agony
To tear an ear off and he
Had clearly wanted not to move
Calling for gallantry
After a spell of extra care
little “Banjo” he had healed
With regular food and water
And love and care
A lovely friendly doggie side
Who enjoyed the loving care
That everybody gave him
For him such love was rare

He played ball loved to run around
Tail wagging all the time
He ate his food with gusto
And loved to bob and climb
He hadnt lost his taste for play
Our little one eared friend
Who seemed to hear and see and play
And drive us around the bend.

Animal aid unlimited
Rajastan India

Close by the TB hospital

Donations welcomed please help them

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