“Flopsy” was old
And clearly sad
Standing still
Feeling real bad
A wounded ear
The maggots came
In the road
And did inflame
His Fear apparent
There was no redress
Agony was his to hold
Was his to bare
For he was sold
On loneliness
On inclemency
He had not known love
That certainty
Was his alone
And so we tried
To comfort him
Deep down inside

Back at the hospital
He was bad
Maggot powder
That we had
We dusted him
His wound and all
And dressed it
Less he may just fall
Just give up
Not wanting to
Go on with life
Perhaps a view
We understood
But hoped that we
Could change his mind
And set him free

Cleaned the wound
Every day
Offered love
To help him stay
Confident and expressing
Long sufferring
He had had to cope
By the twentieth day
He could stand and feel
The pain from before
Was no big deal
We gave him cuddles
And kisses too
We gave him love
That was good and true
“Flopsy” had a lovely heart
He had suffered a lot
But now did start
To relax and calm
And feel anew
He ate his greens
And changed his view
Got better and better
All part of his
he is very old
But has got the will
To take each day
And to try and chill
Out and Live
And forget the scars
And swap them
For his new found stars.

Animal aid unlimited
RAjhastan India
The angels of the street

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