She lay there
Absolutely still
Close to death
She’d had her fill
Of life
Out on the streets
Of pain
Where everything just seemed
In vain

She was brave
That much we saw
But was unconscious
And what’s more
Wounded underneath her chin
Bones showing
She was very thin

We came and saw her
And took her back
Cleaned the wounds
Had some attack
Happened really it was hard to say
She was suffering though
Night and day

We gave her sedatives
To help with pain
To help her rest
And the disdain
Gave her love and cuddles
Really tried hard

Our sari’d ladies
Fed her by
Syringe her helplessness
We cry
inside ourselves
Seeing her pain
It’s very hard
And is a stain

On humanity
Six days went by
Seeing her tears in our eye
Wobbling About unable to
Feed herself
And that was true

10 days treatments
it was slow
Whatever way
Her great big eyes
Looked up as we
Fed her really constantly
6 weeks later
She could feed and drink water
She could succeed
But still was dodgy of her feet
Staggering about
Nothing complete

Later on she was fostered out
To people who loved her
There was no doubt
Gave her the cuddles and kisses too
On spindly legs she would rock to you
And now some months have passed
And she
Is wanting about constantly
She plays with the kitten
And truthfully
She has recovered gracefully.

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