What gives these companies the right
To dapple with our life
To mess with people’s freedoms
And to cause so many strife
AT PITSTONE we see Castle
Cemeng preparing to
Sell us down the river
For a rubbish dump or two

A filthy rotten landfill site
To fill up two big holes
Quarries what a good idea
But not for PITSTONE’S souls
Only for the CASTLE mob
Who hope to make some dosh
And sod off back to Norway
Their balance sheets awash

Well let me sock it to them
The people around here
Don’t want any landfill sites
Ever to appear
We don’t want loads of filthy trucks
Tearing down these lanes
Spewing out the toxic muck
And we will go to great pains

To stop these corporations
Who think nothing of us
We live here we don’t want the crap
Of course we will make a fuss
Until John Selwyn GUMMER
And all his merry men
Tell Castle there will never be
Never never, then

We can get back some sanity
And try to do our thing
PITSTONE needs some joy again
That no dump here will bring

Sent on the 1/9/1996
To the planning Dept in BRISTOL

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