Genevieve and her dear Mother

An innocent baby
Guiltless and cute
Was attacked by some dogs
And one hungry brute
Bit into the baby
Savaged her so
Clearly the agony
Daily did grow
Bleeding and sore
They used haldi to try
And stop the bleeding
So she wouldn’t die
It caked up the blood
Which festered and she
Was suffering badly
As we could all see

Animal aid unlimited
Were called and attended
And all could see
That she and her mother
Were taken away
To the hospital
Really both lucky to
BE able to stay
It took many hours
To clean her and heal
The wounds some were deep
And they did reveal
The extent of her injuries
Clearly in pain
She remained very still
And so able to gain

Help and assistance with
Her mother close by
Nuzzling up to her
Under the sky
A lot of healing
Was laid On and she
And both were clearly happy.
Animal aid unlimited they
The wonderful street angels
Found her that day
Gave her so much love
and lashings of care
Which is why Genevieve
And her mum Are still there.

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