Harrowing scenes of horror
And cruelty exist
It’s incredulous to imagine
That staff there
Don’t resist
The frustration they are showing
Where is their conscience they
Have a job to organise
Slaughtering every day

Sheep and lambs are sadly
Beaten up and left
Staring at each other
Clearly they bereft
Of the realisation
That animals can feel
Animals are frightened
For them it’s very real

But despite this they are
Handled in the most obnoxious way
Like sacks of potatoes
They are living and they pay
Really Excruciatingly
The terror you can feel it
You can see
As they try to get away
Try to escape
to break free

But they are then manhandled
Picked up by the scruff
Trod on made to watch each other
Death for them is tough
“Farm fresh” what an insult
Small chance if you ask me
They know they are going to be killed
And we do it dreadfully

Reality says they are babies
They communicate they do
The bewilderment is obvious
And the unenlightened crew
Are louts just up for bother
No empathy at all
Artless and unaware
Or mores the point
They enjoy it
Numbskulls who just share

We hear from those who tell us
When we leave the EU
All the wonderful standards
We will be leaving too
Well this is WALES
Food Standards
And the governement says
That they
Have a first class outfit
No CCTV NO way

“Farm fresh” it seems took over
In January this year
So it’s not as if the team are stale
No it’s very clear
Stunning isn’t carried out
By people who know how
They are stunning necks and legs in fact
One hell of a row

Should be stuck up in this crowd
Management as well
These poor sheep are innocent
We are showing them a HELL
On earth making them victims
To a team of lunatics
Who need a damn good hiding
Yes knock them all for six

Red tractor and the freedom foods
Apparently engage
Watch the footage read the poem
It just will enrage
All your senses actually
Slitting animals throats
Without any stunning
Whatever floats their boats

They all are drawing salaries
Their contracts will not say
Just do what the fucking Hell you like
Draw down dismay
Jab them with the stunning tongs
Kick them have no care
The terror and the agony
Of course it isn’t fair

Selling sheep to supermarkets
Throughout the UK
And sending sheep and mutton
To France too so they say
Another site in Kenilworth
In Warwickshire I hear
Perhaps go round and see that place
For me it’s very clear

Too much misinformation
Is present in the trade
The meat trade is the murder trade
And on their backs it’s laid
The process sped up sadly
Profit is the key
Piece work operating
Which for me is lunacy

There is a general reluctance
To install CCTV
And using covert cameras
Anyone can see
Why this is
It’s Happening all the time
And needs be we just have to
Record it with a rhyme

The victims should be remembered
For the agony they felt
Rejected by humanity
The rotten cards were dealt
They witnessed and they realised
Death knocked on their door
Every sheep was aware of it
Every one was sure

They were going to their death
The shouting men were not
Warriors they were bloody cowards
Whose rampant angst they got
Animals are sensitive
They pick up things they know
But these yobs made it obvious
Damaging them so

The sheep so agitated
Sacrificial lambs
Going to their slaughter
Under such programmes
Of harshness and harassment
And Of adversity
It’s intolerable behaviour
And it should never be


  1. Tor Bailey on said:

    Hi Rex,
    Thank you for communicating this so thoughtfully and eloquently
    – Tor, Animal Aid

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