Buried alive

Habitat loss
Is a problem
Everywhere wild ones exist
Farmers grow crops
That’s when the cops
Are told about
When stuff is missed

Here we see crops being eaten
The Nilgai is hungry
And he
sees a great pile of good eating
And eats it
It’s sad I agree

The farmers have battled with
Water and weather
and insects and everything they.
Have grown all this stuff for their family
And a Nilgai just takes it a way
Both sides have reasons to quarrel
But the animals
What can they do
And in this case
The farmers got angry
And buried the animal who

Was injured a lack of compassion
A JCB driver a hole
So they buried the animal
Poor soul alive
His beautiful life yes they stole

It’s an agony really to see this
No understanding at all
Imagine that poor soul
Dying underground
His spirit let’s try to console
The JCB driver has not been arrested
BHAGWANPUR police have his name
The problems of people and animals
And when shit hits the pan
Whose to blame


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