BORIS and our plight

Boris’s pitch
To be dead in a ditch
Rather than let the EU
Make our decision
WitH all the derision
Which is that re moaners
Will do

1 billion a month
For the pleasure
That’s treasure
For yes the EU
What we can do with
I billion a month
Is make all our own dreams
Come true

His brother
just upped
And left him
Reporters of course
Put the boot
Into each question.with every suggestion
Is Boris himself at the root

Of everything Bad
At the moment
No it’s the globalists who
Make loads of money
From keeping us poor
And nothing else for them
Will do.

The treaties we are already
signed up to
Are tearing
our heart and our soul
They are dividing the country
We will be a region
YES The EU will be in control

We have to get out of this
And get out quick
Otherwise honestly we
will be tied up in knots
And under the thumb
Of the EU for an ETERNITY

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